Non Fungible Heroes
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Millennia ago, Gods walked the earth... or so the oracles say. A tradition riddled with ancient scripts, mysterious visions and stories of apocalyptic monsters, their tale shall be unveiled as we embark on an unparalleled adventure, and see the world through the eyes of the Gods!

The Gods represent an expansion of the NFH Universe, joining our established Hero and Villain characters. While their role in the lore is still veiled in mystery, they will become a critical part of our protagonist’s journey.


Gus Lima, Creator & Art Director.

Gus is a concept artist who’s been active in the industry for over a decade. Through Mad Boogie Creations, the art studio he co-founded with Amanda, he has worked for great clients such as Disney, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Adobe and many more.

Julio Cesar "mz09" Creator &, Art Director

Jui has been a freelance illustrator and character designer since 2016, and since then has worked for big studios like Dreamworks, Disney, Amazon and Nickelodeon. He also has a fair amount of personal projects that went viral.